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Browse upcoming events in Geography at The University of Manchester.

The research seminar series

The research seminar series offers staff and students the opportunity to engage with new and emerging geographical research from early career academics through to those more internationally renowned.

Past speakers


  • Professor Kim England, University of Washington
  • Dr Mark Hildebrandt, Southern Illinois University
  • Garry Huckleberry, University of Arizona
  • Professor Ed Soja, UCLA
  • Professor Dick Walker, University of California
  • Professor Henry Yeung, National University of Singapore

High-profile, UK-based

  • Professor Colin Ballantyne, University of St Andrews
  • Professor Allan Cochrane, the Open University
  • Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford
  • Professor Matthew Gandy, UCL
  • Professor Stephen Graham, University of Newcastle
  • Professor Stuart Lane, Durham University
  • Professor Simon Marvin, University of Salford
  • Professor Stephen Royle, Queen's University Belfast
  • Professor David Sadler, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Mike Summerfield, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Gill Valentine, University of Leeds
  • Professor John Wainwright, University of Sheffield


  • Professor Tim Allott
  • Dr Roger Braithwaite
  • Dr Martin Dodge
  • Dr Laura Edwards
  • Dr James Evans
  • Dr Martin Hess
  • Dr Mark Jayne
  • Professor Maria Kaika
  • Professor Erik Swyngedouw

Past seminars

Upcoming events

We don't have any events scheduled at the moment. Browse the full list of events from across the University.