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Current PhD students

Meet and be inspired by our Geography PhD students.

NameThesis title
Adam Johnston TBC
Alexandra Hamer Remote sensing of belowground processes in grassland ecosystem
Alison Briggs The last resort? Exploring the impact of living with food insecurity has on relationships with family and friends
Alistair Sheldrick Negotiating difference in the austere city: Forced migrant and non-migrant responses to austerity in Liverpool and Rochdale
Amy Barron Interrogating the 'age-friendly city': A comparative study of lived experience
Arianna Tozzi TBC
Ben Knight Audible citizenship, forced migration and the politics of listening in Greater Manchester
Dickson Boateng TBC
Elizabeth Ackerley Youth activism in an age of austerity
Esteban Arevalo Maldonado Evaluating the technical requirements, and economic and social value of a geoportal for historic cadastral maps
Fredrik Weisser TBC
Gizem Grünberg Neoliberalism and nature conservation in Turkey: Cooperation, conflict and resistance
Graeme Moore Changing perceptions and representations of the UK evening and night-time economy: Last orders at the bar?
Henk Cornelissen Holocene glacier dynamics and environmental change in the High Atlas, Morocco
Jianyi Liu TBC
Jiawei Li 'Anthropocene Alluvium': Floodplain records of heavy metal pollution in Manchester
Kirsty Watkinson TBC
Lauren Greehy Making sense of perfume
Oscar Kennedy-Blundell A study of the formation, transportation and degradation of charcoal in fire-prone ecosystems
Patricio Cleary TBC
Sm Labib Evaluating the relative importance of green infrastructure by ethnicity, age, and health diversity in complex urban landscapes
Yuliya Kulynych TBC