Current PhD students

Meet and be inspired by our Geography PhD students.

NameThesis title
Adam Johnston Remote sensing surface roughness to predict the natural flood risk management benefits of peatland restoration
Alexandra Hamer Remote sensing of belowground processes in grassland ecosystem
Alison Briggs The last resort? Exploring the impact of living with food insecurity has on relationships with family and friends
Alistair Sheldrick Negotiating difference in the austere city: Forced migrant and non-migrant responses to austerity in Liverpool and Rochdale
Ami Crowther Electrifying the city from below: Towards distributed energy governance
Amy Barron Interrogating the 'age-friendly city': A comparative study of lived experience
Arianna Tozzi The gender subtext negotiating climate resilience: Examining the intersecting uses, practices and relationships around groundwater resources in semi-arid regions of India
Ben Knight Audible citizenship, forced migration and the politics of listening in Greater Manchester
Cecilia Alda Vidal Urban transformation and everyday life: The politics of access to sanitation in Lilongwe, Malawi
Craig Thomas Contesting urban fracking: Reconceptualising 'local' responses to new energy infrastructure developments
Dael Sassoon Anthropogenic and climatic impact on the Peruvian Amazon during the Holocene
Daniel Arubayi Urban resilience and mobility: Upgrading Lagos transport system through integrated urban resilient planning
Denise Misleh Heller New rural-urban linkages: The role of short food supply chains in reversing peripheral rural territories
Dickson Boateng  
Elizabeth Ackerley Youth activism in an age of austerity
Esteban Arevalo Maldonado Evaluating the technical requirements, and economic and social value of a geoportal for historic cadastral maps
Felipe Irarrazaval Global production networks and the extractive sector: Natural gas rents and regional economic change in Bolivia and Peru
Fredrik Weisser Securitizing public space in Copenhagen
Gizem Grünberg Neoliberalism and nature conservation in Turkey: Cooperation, conflict and resistance
Graeme Moore Changing perceptions and representations of the UK evening and night-time economy: Last orders at the bar?
Harriet Larrington-Spencer Practices on the move: Investigating trajectories of water and energy consumption in China
Henk Cornelissen Holocene glacier dynamics and environmental change in the High Atlas, Morocco
Ignacio Loor Informal green infrastructure: Everyday life and the pursuit of sustainability in Quito
James Allard Ice Age glaciers in the Mediterranean mountains
Jane Mellor Impacts of erosion and restoration on peatland hydrological regimes and heavy metal retention, release and speciation in the Peak District National Park, Northern England, UK
Jianyi Liu Managing seasonal dimensions of urban agriculture
Jiawei Li 'Anthropocene Alluvium': Floodplain records of heavy metal pollution in Manchester
Joseph Chambers Exploring the consequences of internet of things devices for informal infrastructures of the Global South
Kathleen Stokes Waste labour and infrastructural citizenship: Promises and perils of state-led community waste initiatives in South African cities
Kirsty Watkinson Remote sensing and sustainable development goal monitoring
Lauren Greehy Making sense of perfume
Lourdes Alonso Serna Spaces of the wind in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico: Between the local and the global
Madeleine Hann Quaternary river behaviour in glaciated catchments of the High Atlas, Morocco
Majd Jayyousi Just transitions and electricity infrastructures in Kenya: Emerging socio-technical configurations
Mario Hernandez Trejo Conservation and land rent in Mexico: Payments for ecosystem services in the forests of Northern Oaxaca
Matthew Tomkins Climatic, lithological and glaciological rivers of mountain erosion over the last glacial cycle: Case studies from the NE Atlantic margin
Mohd Tarmizi Mohd Amin Heat, comfort and wellbeing in a changing climate: Learning from cooling practices in Malaysian households
Nelson Rodriguez Hernandez Urban metabolism and financialization of agricultural commodities: Analysis of food trade in Bogota, Colombia
Oluseun Adeluyi Precision agriculture as a tool for optimization of rice production using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
Oscar Kennedy-Blundell A study of the formation, transportation and degradation of charcoal in fire-prone ecosystems
Patricio Cleary A million hectares more: Agro-capitalism's solution to climate change in Chile
Peter Kabano Investigating the effect of tropical urban climates on vegetation phenology
Qi Liu Easy travel, easy green: A social practice approach to sustainable lodging in China
Richard Figueroa Alfaro Strategic GIS assessment of water resources on coastal areas for climate change mitigation and adaptation
Samir Harb Imaginary and autonomy: Urbanisation, construction, and cement production in Palestine
Sana Domingues Gomes Past climatic extremes in SW Iberia
Sarah Brown Improving diurnal, ecological and fluvial system characterisation within peatland carbon dioxide exchange models
Sawyer Phinney Racialized landscapes of austerity urbanism in post-industrial cities
Sebastián Baeza González Videogames and software development in Chile: Networks and clusters
Sm Labib Evaluating the relative importance of green infrastructure by ethnicity, age, and health diversity in complex urban landscapes
Tianyuan Wang Chemical response to ultraviolet radiation in Sphagnum moss spores: A novel approach for testing the solar-climate hypothesis in temperate peat bogs
Timna Denwood Re-framing environmental impact analysis for power infrastructure using GIS
Yong Zhang Evolving entrepreneurialism through administrative restructuring in urban China: Fashion, discourses and strategies
Yuliya Kulynych Reconfiguring uneven gendered spaces and practices through urban feminist resistance in skate-parks and street spaces
Ziliang Zhang