Current PhD students

Meet and be inspired by our Geography PhD students.

NameThesis title
Adam Johnston Remote sensing surface roughness to predict the natural flood risk management benefits of peat land restoration
Alexandra Hamer Remote sensing of belowground processes in grassland ecosystems
Amali Amali Benchmarking Accuracy, Uncertainty, and Reliability of Alternative Satellite-based Approaches for Monitoring Agricultural Water Use
Ana Lambert Grossi A liminal space: boundary organisations at the crossroads of GEC in the Amazon
Anindya Majhi Mature Gullies: Geomorphology, Dynamics and Sensitivity to Environmental Changes
Arianna Tozzi The Gender Subtext Negotiating Climate Resilience: examining the intersecting uses, practices and relationships around groundwater resources in semi-arid regions of India
Arielle Lawson Home beyond 'the Home': Spatializing 1970s Feminist Activism in London and New York City
Caitlin Morrissey Making up the global city: the financing and governing of urban infrastructural futures
Carwyn Greaves De-Industrialisation and Creative Labour Practices in the South Wales Valleys
Chantal Bright Water Security and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Liberia
Chuanze Li Understanding forest degradation and environmental impacts in Brazilian Savannah using Earth observation and machine learning
Dongyang Mi Hygienic citizenship: Shifting cultures of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation
Ellie Barker Smart and (Un)Sustainable? Empowering Manchester's Youth to Reform the Smart City
Ellis Fannin Queering cartographic epistemologies through arts-based and multi-sensory participatory mapping methods: creating counter cartographies of queer Manchester 
Esteban Arevalo Maldonado Evaluating the technical requirements, and economic and social value of a Geoportal for historic cadastral maps
Gizem Grünberg Neoliberalism and Nature Conservation in Turkey: Cooperation, Conflict and Resistance
Hannah Charles ESRC CASE Studentship on "Social housing challenges in the low-carbon transformation towards Net Zero
Haoyue Guo Exploring the Impact of Artistic Place-making Practices for Rural-urban Migrant Children's Sense of Belonging and Place Attachment in China's Urban Villages in Shenzhen
Harry Quealy Constructing 'climate-resilient' hydrosocial territories: the politics of governing water and climate change adaptation in Sri Lanka¿s dry zone region
Hayato Koga Japan's Energy Democracy: A Human Geographical Analysis on Citizens' Perceptions, Conceptualisations, and the Development of Community Energy
Heather Miles Canadian First Nations counter-mapping: Community, technology and epistemology
Henk Cornelissen Holocene glacier dynamics and environmental change in the High Atlas, Morocco
James Sloane Sphagnum establishment and peatland carbon balance
Jane Mellor Impacts of erosion and restoration on peatland hydrological regimes and heavy metal retention, release and speciation in the Peak District National Park, Northern England, UK
Jessica Gauld Learning from the past - A palaeoecological study to inform restoration of Greater Manchester's peatlands
Jianyi Liu Managing seasonal dimensions of urban agriculture
Jinsoo Lee Environmental injustice and the US military in South Korea: geopolitics, post-politics, and the new geography of peace
Kate Booth Analyzing the expansion of forest loss in indigenous lands in Brazilian Amazon during the COVID-19 19 outbreak
Kirsty Watkinson Remote Sensing and Sustainable Development Goal Monitoring
Le Zhu Evaluation of social exclusion via the distributions of accessibility: focus on citizen living in affordable housing both in Nanjing and Manchester
Madeline Routon Making Home in the Margins: Creative Precarity and Placemaking in Barcelona
Manon Burbidge Energy Justice and Citizenship: Refugee and Asylum Seeker Communities¿ Experiences of Energy Poverty and Infrastructural Exclusion in the United Kingdom
Matthew Varco Eco-fascism and political ecologies of the far-right in Germany
Mengyao Li Understanding Collaborative Water Governance in Urbanising China: Case Study of Baiyangdian Lake 
Mohammad Akhavan Kharazian A paleoenvironmental study in the Mokopane region of South Africa by using soilmicromorphology and geochronology
Olga Chumicheva Urban Policies on Diversity in Post-Soviet Russian cities
Oliver Bignell Anecdotal Anthropocenes: An interdisciplinary investigation into the role of experiential knowledge in sensing wildfires.
Oliver Thomas From summit to cirque: Deciphering the nature and rate of ice loss from the last Welsh Ice Cap using high-resolution glacial geochronology
Patricio Cleary A Million Hectares More: Agro-capitalism's solution to climate change in Chile
Poppy Budworth Lived experiences of young 'ostomates': negotiations with space, stigma, and identity
Sandra Domingues Gomes Climatic instabilities of the last 70,000 years in the subtropical eastern North Atlantic: exploring vegetation and hydrological responses on the SW Iberian margin using a land-sea direct comparison
Shahana Akther Assessment of Decentralization of Municipal Waste: An Integrated Approach for Sustainable Development in the Urban Areas of Bangladesh
Shashank Nitundil Reconstructing the Quaternary palaeoenvironmental history of high-altitude Eastern Himalayas, India using a multi-proxy approach
Sneha Mendiratta Analysis of Human-Wildfire Interactions from Social Media and News Sources: A Hybrid Neural Network Approach
Sotiria Kyriakidou The consumption of alcohol among homeless population and the role of the temporary housing in urban areas in three different countries
Susan Hancock Origins of the British Mesolithic transition from hunter-gatherer to an agrarian society
Thomas Van Laake Building back greener: cycling infrastructure under pandemic urbanism
Tianshu Liu Emperors' view of frontier North Manchuria as a political space in early Qing
Tianyuan Wang Chemical response to ultraviolet radiation in Sphagnum moss spores: a novel approach for testing the solar-climate hypothesis in temperate peat bogs
Xiaowen Zhan The equity impacts of nature-based solutions for urban climate adaptation: a case study of China's Sponge City Program
Yihan Yan The Governance of Animaling Public Space in Urban China: Dog-related conflicts, spatial regulations, and social exclusion
Yubo Liu The Effects of Smart Tourism Development in Tourist Destinations in Sichuan on the Local Sustainable Development
Yuliya Kulynych Reconfiguring uneven gendered spaces and practices through urban feminist resistance in skate-parks and street spaces
Yuqi Zhao Urban Transport Equity Evolution as a Result of Metro Network Expansion, the Case of Wuhan, China
Ziliang Zhang Planning, Property and Environmental Management