We are committed to making significant contributions to some of the most important intellectual and practical issues facing society.

£13 million peat restoration for Peak District National Park

Research into peat erosion and conservation is supporting large-scale programmes to protect and restore some of Britain’s most ecologically valuable upland landscapes.

Field-based learning: multidisciplinary mobile mapping methods

This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and Cheril-funded project is centred in the emerging and novel disciplinary field of Island Studies.

Tackling urban overheating

Modelling and monitoring studies have revealed how temperature patterns vary across cities, including what causes such patterns and how high temperatures can be effectively managed.

The DROP project: the role of governance in drought adaptation

The DROP Project (Benefit of governance in drought adaptation) brought together a scientific team and practitioners working in the field of drought and water scarcity.

The European Network for Political Ecology (ENTiTLE)

ENTiTLE is funded by the Marie Curie action of FP7 and supports 18 researchers in the inter-disciplinary field of Political Ecology. 

Triangulum: Demonstrating smart green growth in urban areas

Triangulum is a five year €25 million Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Union to demonstrate cutting-edge smart city technologies and roll them out across the globe.

Wildfire officially recognised as a major UK hazard

Prior to 2012 wildfire was barely recognised as a significant hazard in the UK. Research supported its inclusion in the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies.