Finding a supervisor

Find your ideal supervisor by exploring the research interests of our Geography experts.

How to apply

Most potential supervisors will be happy to provide pre-submission feedback on a well-developed draft proposal that closely matches their research expertise. For more guidance, see How to write a research proposal.

If you identify an academic who is interested in supervising your work, you may be able to receive advice and critical feedback that helps you to make your proposal stronger and more competitive. This is particularly beneficial if you are considering applying for funding. Please send your proposal to one potential supervisor at a time only, copying in

If you are not sure who would make the most suitable supervisor for your research, feel free to contact the email address above. Your draft proposal will then be passed on to suitable colleagues, if appropriate.

Alternatively, you could apply directly. Your application will be given our full attention regardless of whether or not a potential supervisor is named.

Research interests

Explore our research groups to find out more about the specialisms available at Manchester, and the academics who are keen to supervise in each area.

You can find out more about our academic staff and their research specialisms on our People page.