Address the unequal distribution of resources and services across the UK

Prof Cecilia Wong, Planning, Property and Environmental Management

Prof Cecilia Wong

Prof Wong is Professor of Spatial Planning, Co-Director of Policy@Manchester and Director of the Spatial Policy and Analysis Lab (SPA-Lab) at The University of Manchester. She is Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. Her research expertise includes strategic planning, spatial policy monitoring, spatial analysis, urban and regional development, and housing and infrastructure planning.

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To ensure fair and sustainable urban and regional planning, we must prioritise designing spaces that meet people's needs. In the UK, persistent structural issues and unequal resource distribution negatively impact people's socio-economic wellbeing and hinders social mobility.

Now is the time to...

  • develop long-term planning visions, and avoid automatic reactions;
  • design and deliver comprehensive long-term activity at local levels;
  • facilitate cross-boundary and cross-sectional inclusive collaborations to ensure ownership is felt by all stakeholders and government at all levels;
  • value the continual monitoring and critical analysis of policies to inform decision making.

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Research beacons

Research themes (SEED)

  • Understanding and responding to the root causes of inequalities
  • Providing theoretical and practical expertise on cities and infrastructure
  • Revealing insights into environmental change and sustainability
  • Developing digital methods, perspectives, and solutions

Research platforms/themes (University)

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