Prioritise climate adaptation for housing and commercial properties

Prof Anupam Nanda, Planning, Property and Environmental Management

Prof Anupam Nanda

Anupam Nanda is Professor of Urban Economics & Real Estate (Chair in Real Estate) at The University of Manchester. Anupam's research delves into themes including the economics of property markets, regional and urban studies, household sentiment and behaviours, cross-border investment dynamics, as well as the intersections of Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) considerations and technological advancements within urban and property markets.

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Climate change is having a real impact on how and where we live. Buildings, both residential and commercial, contribute significantly to carbon emissions but solutions to reduce this are costly to apply and unaffordable for many households, resulting in inequalities. We need to act fast on climate adaptation if we are to build a sustainable future.

Now is the time to...

  • rise above political differences at all levels to help create effective policies;
  • identify the priority areas for action;
  • introduce mandatory policies for climate adaptation measures;
  • mobilise financial resources to focus on priorities and tackle inequality;
  • harness technical knowledge, provide training and close technical skill shortages.

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