Save lives by increasing access to treatment for heart disease, the world’s biggest killer.

Dr Gindo Tampubolon, Global Development Institute (GDI)

Dr Gindo Tampubolon

Dr Tampubolon teaches global health at the Global Development Institute (GDI), equipping students from around the world to navigate our intricately connected yet unequal world. He studies non-infectious diseases and conditions in the global south and north to deliver healthy ageing and prevent cardiovascular disease, looking for solutions rooted in the practice of people and their communities.

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While heart disease is a global concern, low-and-middle income countries face increasing disease burden due to lack of resources. It causes 1 in 3 deaths in Indonesia, and many are preventable.

Now is the time to...

  • increase awareness of north-south inequity in unmet needs for heart disease care;
  • encourage the widespread adoption of the SMARThealth app, a cloud-based platform which analyses blood samples in real time to identify those at risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • empower rural communities and vulnerable groups with knowledge and technology to prevent premature deaths from heart disease.

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