Recognise that people experience ageing differently

Dr Amy Barron, Geography

Dr Amy Barron

Dr Barron, a Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography, specialises in the study of age, ageing, and the life-course. Her research is grounded in cultural theory, with a particular focus on more-than-representational approaches and affect, to highlight social difference. Dr Barron employs a diverse range of research methods, including ethnographic, creative, and participatory techniques, with a priority on investigating ordinary and often overlooked places. 

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As the world’s population grows older, it’s important to recognise that ageing is not experienced in the same way for everyone; it is lived and understood uniquely by each individual.

Now is the time to...

  • place the voices of older people at the heart of policy creation by using creative, participatory social science research methods;
  • move beyond reductive and homogenising representations of older age by celebrating the different ways it is lived;
  • share the stories of older people to showcase the different ways ageing is experienced;
  • continue to research with older people from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds;
  • better understand the ways older people’s lives relate to the places in which they live and spend time.

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