Treat sustainability education as important as reading, writing and arithmetic

If everyone understood the root causes of all environmental problems, we could do the opposite - we can stop causing these problems in the first place. The RoundView provides a set of positive guidelines for how to redesign our systems sustainably. With this accessible, science-based framework for sustainability learning and communication, we can find creative solutions together.

Now is the time to...

  • build a systems view of sustainability into the school curriculum (primary and secondary);
  • include systemic sustainability evaluation in all major publicly funded projects;
  • support all public sector workers and civil servants to make better decisions through understanding the systemic problems and opportunities of sustainability.
  • get in touch if you are interested in investing in the next stage of developing or trialling the RoundView.
Dr Joanne Tippett, Planning, Property and Environmental Management

Dr Joanne Tippett

Dr Tippett, Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester's School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED), focuses her research on envisioning a sustainable future and fostering effective collaboration for systemic change. Awarded a British Academy Innovation Fellowship in 2023, she collaborates with the UK National Commission for UNESCO to develop novel methods for activating the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through her pioneering work on the award-winning RoundView framework, she creates sustainability learning initiatives, notably in the £3.2 million Carbon Landscape restoration project.

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