Prevent food corporations using financial and climate crises to generate huge profits and fuel inflation

Dr Sophie Van Huellen, Global Development Institute (GDI)

Dr Sophie Van Huellen

Dr Van Huellen is a Senior Lecturer in Development Economics. Her research focus is on primary commodity markets (mainly food commodities), commodity dependency, financialisation, global production networks, macro-financial linkages, and machine learning applications in economics.

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Financial market speculation drives high food prices in the wake of expected shortages during moments of crisis. These price shocks have been used by food corporations to generate record profits.

Now is the time to...

  • revise regulatory regimes for the financial trading in food commodities, food indexes, and food corporations;
  • identify the actors profiting from current fragilities to identify areas for regulatory intervention;
  • finance a just transition towards a more environmentally sustainable, equitable, and less fragile food system.

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