Empower community organisations in the UK and globally, with direct, unconditional financial support

Funding for global development is hugely unequal. Most funds go to the biggest charities, leaving community organisations unable to access the volume and terms of funding they need to respond to their communities, cope in crisis and plan for a better future. This power imbalance needs to be urgently addressed.

Now is the time to...

  • support One World Together, a Community Interest Company co-founded by Professor Banks to provide direct support to community groups in the UK and Africa;
  • support operations as a OWT Global Citizen, donate to the Solidarity Fund, and learn more about the power of community organisations via the online community space at oneworldtogether.org.uk;
  • (NGOs and donors working in global development need to) shift the power and resources into the hands of communities.
Professor Nicola Banks, Global Development Institute (GDI)

Professor Nicola Banks

After spending more than a decade researching the challenges facing development NGOs, Professor Banks is proud to launch One World Together, a radical new social enterprise aimed at revolutionising charitable giving. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Global Development Institute (GDI) and Director of Social Responsibility in the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED), where she enjoys supporting other wonderful and impactful initiatives of SEED colleagues.

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